Let us market you as a professional tradesman.

* You can use our site as a marketing tool to profile your expertise & credentials with a professional and verified online business card.

* You’ll get a priority listing in the Tradie Exchange Directory so people can search for who they need for Jobs & Trades – quickly & easily.

* Employers and others on the network can save your business card to their Contact Book –  and you can save them. This is especially good for when re-connecting for work and passing on referrals.

* You’ll gain access to Public & Private Job or Trading posts.

* Let the Tradie Exchange network know what work you’re looking for & what you need so we can help you get ahead.

In addition, when you join Tradie Exchange you’ll get access to a Tradie Exchange Connections Manager. We’ll provide that extra level of support to help get you up and running.

Group Deals & Discounts for Members

Because of the size of the network we’re able to co-ordinate Group Deals. We’ll be regularly promoting Trade Services offers from other suppliers & service providers on the network! Get ahead by saving money and sourcing quickly.

It’s Easy to Get Started

* To create an account it will take you 2-minutes to get started. Click on the “Join Now” button below.
* Complete as much of your Online Profile as you want and adjust your privacy settings (Public, Members Only or Private).
* We’ll bet in touch to see how we can help you get ahead and get you what you want.

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