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“Whatever your trade is, we know what you need and can assist with your public liability, tool insurance, income protection and much more. Whether you just want the cheapest cover to get on the worksite or a comprehensive tradesman insurance plan, we can help.

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked towards, trust the trade professionals to look after you.”

If you check out their website you’ll see Trade Risk work with a number of major insurance companies

We only use qualified tradesman.

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Some tips and local sites we recommend.

A Couple of Useful Sites You Might Not Have Known About: 1. (a place to drop off-or pick up unwanted material – it’s a little bit artsy, but the concept is about turning trash into treasure) (Marrickville) 2. (it’s another website where you can post unwanted building materials) (founded by Neill & Brad) Here’s a spotlight on a few Jobs & Projects websites – these are mostly Residential, so skip over this if you’re Commercial / Fixed Projects & Construction: 1. (it’s for Jobs & Project leads, and usually 2-3 people quote) 2. (employment jobs aggregator – Howie’s site) + Seek 3. (a new app was released a few days ago) 4. Plus…so many more, I’d listed quite a few in this jobs article back in December. It has a broader focus for Commercial work. With the 2012 Financial Year behind us, it’s time to look forward. If you need help with anything, add a post on the Tradie Exchange message board. OR to promote your business – just add one, then people can click on your profile. TradieExchange is an independent site so we’ll aim to put forward useful things – plus tell us what’s most useful to you. There’s a whole host of businesses to connect.

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Awesome Plumbers

Wow what can I say, they did everything I asked. Ill be back again.

Wow what can I say, they did everything I asked. Ill be back again.

Thanks Maria for the amazing job.

5 stars! Thats all I need to say.