The benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane

The benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning in Brisbane

When people think of Brisbane, many think of a warm sunny climate with long tropical summers. However, when seeing Brisbane sitting on a sweltering 35-degree day during summer you might not think of sitting inside next to the heater wrapped in a blanket during winter. It does get cold in Brisbane! 

Winter weather in Brisbane is by no means frigid but it can get crisp at night and early mornings with temperatures dropping to 9°C and below. This is generally the time you want a reverse cycle air conditioning system than can handle keeping the nights warm then switching to cool the days to keep your home comfortable. 

Using a reverse cycle system is also more efficient in that you can have independent zones you can disable to conserve energy when not in use and it avoids using gas opting for electricity. This also helps keep the air in the house cleaner since wood or gas fireplaces can have fumes lingering around rooms. 

According to some sources, reverse cycle air conditioning is over 300% more efficient compared to other forms of air conditioning. That means that for one unit of energy it can produce three units of (cooling or heating) energy. You could compare this to running three space heaters while only paying the electricity for one. This will help you save money and offset the initial investment of having a system installed in your home. There’s also more initial savings as better technology has made initial costs lower than ever. This can help ultimately help you save money for your utility bills without compromising your climate needs. 

The best part of reverse cycle air conditioning in Gold Coast is that it fills rooms and is not directional like a split or heaters positioned on a wall. This will help both efficiently and also better heat rooms within your home. It also is permanent keeping you from having to carry spare heaters and fans from room to room. It’s also faster than oil or gas heaters with almost instant results and doesn’t struggle as much heating larger spaces. It also takes place of two systems saving space in your house and avoiding the costs associated with two separate installations. Smart systems are even able to be controlled by your phone allowing you to set your system to turn on when you arrive home or even set timers for sleep or when you’re away from home. 

Another bonus of having these systems in their space-saving and invisible nature. This allows spots in garages or laundry rooms taken up by heaters to be free for more important storage. It’s also safer if you have children or pets in that there’s less risk of being burnt by hot external surfaces. Alongside this there far less of a threat of fires or gas leaks in your home. 

When heating and cooling your home around Brisbane, you definitely have plenty of options in what you can install. Choosing a refrigerated system may be the best option with its efficiency, low impact, and flexibility. When making your next choice for climate control in your home think about the potential ease of use and savings you could benefit from. It may help you keep warm during an unexpectedly cold night and beat the warm Queensland heat! 

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