Electric Golf Caddies And how you can get your own.

The inevitability of golf carts in a golf course has made the manufacturers to think about inventing new and sophisticated golf carts that meets every golfer’s demands during the play. Carrying the accessories and walking round the course playing every hole makes the golfer lose stamina mentally and physically. To those golfers suffering from knee and hip problems really is a tiring job. Here comes the significance of golf carts.

There are mainly two kinds of electric golf carts – electric golf cart and remote control electric golf carts.

In the electric golf cart the golfer controls the movements manually by walking behind and pressing the speed control buttons. But in remote control electric golf cart the golfer start or stop, increases or decreases the speed using a small handset.

The remote control electric golf carts are lightly framed and can be moved to all four directions using the control pad.

The folding design makes the cart more comfortable hence can be easily collapsed and rebuilt. This feature enhance the transporting of carts to and fro, and can be easily stored anywhere even in car’s trunk.

Some models have a programmed distance control button that can receive signals up to 120 yards. The cart stops automatically if it doesn’t get any signals from golfer for 25 seconds. Also emergency stop and reverse functions are possible.

As it runs on a high power engine and battery, it is non pollutant and runs smooth and noiselessly.

Other features include strong and sturdy wheel alignments that give excellent traction on any terrains. Also score card holders, bag and cup holders, and lot more features can be added in on demand.

Batteries are highly powered, once charged it will last long throughout the entire play. Some models have indicators that show the battery charge levels. Even if battery runs out of charge, these carts can be pushed or pulled along the golf course easily.

Normally, the remote control electric golf cart’s battery lasts for minimum 27 or 36 holes of golf course on full charge.

For the senior golfers suffering from physical and mobility disorders, the remote control electric golf cart is really a blessing to resume to their golf course. They need not push or pull the cart along the course, instead using a remote control they can easily transport the golf accessories and completely enjoy the game.

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