Crafty baby strollers and Baby Wraps

Looking for a crafty Baby wrap?

Baby Carriers combine great ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design. Every piece is handmade from top quality designer fabric and heavy duty webbing and buckles, and can be used with children from newborns to toddlers in front and back carries.

The internal sling or pouch is the most innovative feature of the Butterfly model. It enables you to securely buckle your baby into the carrier, then handle Baby + Carrier as a single unit. You can pass the baby to another caregiver without removing baby from the carrier. You can also put your 3+ month-old baby on your back very easily, just like putting on a backpack!

The baby carrier contains a built-in infant insert for newborns (shown at left) that allows your baby to ride higher in the carrier in an ergonomically comfortable position. Since the insert base is narrower then the actual carrier base, infants can comfortably spread their legs while retaining the recommended seated position of knees at the same level as the bottom.

When your baby outgrows the need for the newborn insert, you simply place her into the main body compartment, and the infant insert lays flat against the carrier panel. In the first photo at above right, you can see the newborn insert flattened out of the way, between the wearer’s hands.

• Child can be worn on front or back and easily shifted from one to the other.
• Tall, tapered carrier body provides lots of support for your baby or toddler, holds baby close to your body for greater comfort. Prevents the shoulder strain associated with wearing babies who like to lean backwards.
• Adjustable buckles on the top of the body of carrier enable easy nursing access. In a front carry, loosen the buckles to allow your baby to drop down lower in the carrier. Then lift your breast to allow your baby to latch on.
• The Butterfly has a removable head rest/sleeping hood, shaped like a rectangle with rounded edges. The head rest attaches to the body of the carrier with smooth nylon webbing and triglide buckles. The hood can be stored in the “hood keeper”, a sleeve-like pocket placed on the waist belt.
• The shoulder straps have been fully redesigned. They are ergonomically shaped to better adapt to the wearer’s body, and are padded with 0.75″ foam for ultimate comfort.
• The sternum (chest) strap is now connected to the shoulder straps and slides along their length. No more lost chest straps!
• The waistband is now firmer and more supportive (no more folding over, pouching out or deforming), while still maintaining the same slim profile.
• High-quality fabrics are smooth, stylish, and comfortable against the skin.
• Fits waists from 25 up to 50 inches.
• Padded leg holes prevent chafing of little thighs.
• Recommended care: wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry overnight in well ventilated area. Spot clean when needed. Care instructions are sewn to the carrier on the product label, so you always have them handy.
• There was a voluntary recall of the first edition Butterfly back in January 2008, due to some issues with the nylon straps possibly slipping through the buckles. The new design has buckles that are super-secure.

Beco Butterfly – New definition of style, function and safety in soft structured carriers. Comfortably fits users under 5’ and over 6’ and everyone in between.

Ergonomically curved shoulder straps
Built-in infant insert enables baby to sit higher in carrier
New redesigned body style
Three section ergonomic waist belt
Inside panel enables to pass baby front one parent to another
Easy and safe front and back carry
Removable hood and storage sleeve on the waist belt
Newborn to toddler up to 55 lbs
Lightweight and Stylish
Hands free nursing
Beco Butterfly’s Built-in Infant Insert Features
Built-in infant insert means you do not need to purchase the insert separately, and your baby can sit higher in the carrier, in a natural healthy position. Later on, when baby outgrows the need for insert, you simply place her into the main body compartment, and the insert lays flat against the body.

Inside panel is one of the most innovative features of Butterfly model. It enables you to pass baby to your spouse or another caregiver without removing baby from the carrier. It also makes back carries as easy as can be, even with a three month old!

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